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Connect ReviewBuzz with QuickBooks 

ReviewBuzz connects with QuickBooks to give you the quickest, easiest way to get up to 25% more reviews while spending up to 50% less time on data entry.

When you connect ReviewBuzz and QuickBooks, a Review Request is automatically sent to your customer each time you send an invoice in QuickBooks.


Why should I integrate ReviewBuzz with QuickBooks ?
You’ll get more reviews and you’ll save time. In fact, companies that have integrated ReviewBuzz with QuickBooks have seen an average 25% increase in reviews, and office staff spends 50% less time on data entry - it’s a win for everyone!

Will ReviewBuzz have access to my financial data?
No. ReviewBuzz has no access to your company’s private financial data.

What data does ReviewBuzz access?
ReviewBuzz only collects the customer email and phone number, so it can automatically send them a review request. We do not collect any financial data about your company or the transaction, nor do we retain any information for marketing purposes.

How does ReviewBuzz use the data?
We use your customer's email address to automatically send a review request to your customer.

Will every customer receive a feedback request?
Currently, every time you save or send an invoice, the QuickBooks API triggers a review request to be sent through ReviewBuzz. However, repeated review requests won’t be sent to the same customer within a 14-day period. So, if you work with a customer on an extended job with multiple changes to the invoice, they’ll only receive one review request in a 14-day period. 

Download FAQsLog In Now and Connect

Share these with your QuickBooks admin if they have any questions.

You will need admin access to both ReviewBuzz and QuickBooks  to connect them.

1. Login to your ReviewBuzz account and click on Settings> Integrate to QuickBooks 

2. Select Connect to QuickBooks

3. Login to QuickBooks

4. Click Authorize 

5. Tada! You’re connected

How to Connect with QuickBooks